Loose Leaf Tea Review

In my opinion, this is the best loose leaf tea you can get! I’ve tried many, many others, and this is the best by far!

I have been buying tea from Adagio since 2005 and I have always been pleased with my orders and customer service. Free shipping on orders over $50.00!

You can get teas in so many flavors,  mint, cinnamon, ginger and more! Floral and fruit flavors abound also.



When it comes to where to buy tea, Adagio is the only place to go!

I have never had any problems with any order I have placed at all. Occasionally, you even receive a free gift! Your gift is usually a sample of a new tea or one they think you’ll like!

I used to be a coffee drinker and honestly, I don’t remember why I stopped, but when I found loose leaf tea, I didn’t need to go back.

Besides loving the taste of tea, the variety of teas  never cease to please. They are always coming up with new flavor combinations. And during different holidays throughout the year, limited edition blends are available. I love a blend that is offered at Mother’s Day, A Tisket, a tasket, tisket tasket teawhich is one of my favorite teas to unwind with after work.  New this year,the  Tea Advent Calendar. I purchased it for the holidays and it was so much fun to open a new tea each day. I got to try some flavors I hadn’t tried before and one became a favorite, Candy Cane! I’m trying to cut back on sugar and this tea helps. I like it sweetened with Monk Fruit and coconut creamer.

Whether you drink tea at work, at home, or on the go, there is an infuser for every occasion. You don’t have to settle for a cup of average tea ever again!

peach oolong
Look how beautiful!

If you like the convenience of tea bags, they are also available in triangle bags. Scottish Breakfast tea is a wake me up winner!

When you need that special gift, look no further! Tea of the month club will put a smile on any one’s face!

Fresh teas, brimming with flavor, will arrive at your door each month. Each shipment is just $6.99, delivery fee included. Choose loose, bagged, or cold-brew iced teas. Change clubs or cancel anytime. See what you’re missing! Better tea is just a click away…

For that different wedding favor, get a personalized tin of tea for each guest at your reception.

Besides the teas themselves, you can purchase awesome teaware to infuse your cups of tea.


I highly recommend the Ingenuitea. This is a must have tea maker and it comes in two sizes. A single cup size that makes 2 cups and an ice tea size that makes a full pitcher! You only need a teaspoon or a tablespoon of loose leaf tea, respectively, and it always comes out clear and delicious!

You just add your tea, pour in boiling water, let steep and then place it on top of the cup or pitcher. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release and crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves. Touted as one of the best infusers on the market. I love mine, I couldn’t imagine life without it!

Tea ware can be a fun collectible as well as a gift for all occasions.

Adagio has authentic teapots available from China are both beautiful and useful. Cups and tea  sets come in cool, giftable colors and designs. Mugs and teamakers are also available as sets with different collections of tea to suit any palate.adagio teapot


The company stands behind their products. Once I needed a new infuser for one of my tea pots because I couldn’t find mine, and when I asked to purchase another, they just sent me two, at no charge! WOW! I was so impressed, you just don’t find that kind of customer service anymore.

Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You will wonder how you got along without one.

I also use my PersonaliTEA teapot regularly on weekends. This is the only time I really have to make a pot of tea. One pot makes 2 cups, but you only need to use enough tea for one cup. I keep it hot by covering it with a towel.

Take your tea everywhere you go!

adagio tea

When you are heading out the door,  bring along a hot cup of tea in the Activitea, a double walled glass tumbler with an infuser at the top. The only downfall with this item is that it is made of glass and it will break. Been there, done that! I banged it on a door going into work and the inside cracked. But is fits nicely in my cup holder and brews a delicious cup of tea!

I hope this makes you curious enough to try  new teas and spice up your life too! Black tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal, tea for young and old, it’s all here.

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