AeroGarden, Grow Organic Herbs Review

If you love to grow things, and house plants just aren’t doing it for you, try an AeroGarden. You can grow your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers year round no matter what climate  you live in!

Fresh herbs make any dish pop, and even if you live where gardening is difficult, AeroGarden makes it possible for  everyone to be able to have fresh, organic produce any time of year! AeroGarden uses hydroponics as the method to grow organic plants in water, no soil!


Perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike. Grow an endless variety of herbs, vegetables, salad greens, or flowers to enhance your food, drinks, home and life. With just a little counter space, the included non-GMO seed pod kit, and your own creativity, you’ll be enjoying the delicious taste that only comes from homegrown herbs and veggies in no time. It’s the perfect complement to any kitchen.

Just fill the garden with water, drop in the pre-seeded pods, and add a little bit of our all natural liquid plant food. The Harvest 360 does the rest. Specially tuned, full-spectrum LEDs mimic the optimum effects of sunlight. Your plants will naturally grow faster and there’s no pesticides or herbicides needed, and no soil required. Built-in sensors automatically turn the lights on and off each day, and let you know when to feed and add water – so there’s no more guesswork. It’s truly that easy. We guarantee it.

Science Made Simple

Plants grow bigger and generate bountiful harvests because of our full spectrum LED grow lights. Our lighting systems are developed for maximum energy efficiency and cost just pennies a day.

Easy to grow fresh herbs and veggies

As fresh as it gets

Now you can have flavor packed herbs, crisp salad greens, and even vine-ripened tomatoes that are always fresh, always local, and always in season. You have everything you need to make delicious meals straight off the stem.

AeroGardens can grow anything.

Endless Possibilities

No matter what you want to grow, you can do it in an AeroGarden. We have dozens of pre-seeded kits to choose from or you can plant your own seeds in our Grow Anything Kits. Get a jump start on your Spring planting with one of our seed starting systems. If you can dream it, you can grow it.


With AeroGarden, you can grow organic herbs and some vegetables indoors, with minimal space and you don’t have to have a green thumb! The pods come already planted, and fertilizer comes with the unit. The directions spell everything out for you, it couldn’t be easier! Did you know that plants grow 5 times faster in water than in soil?

To get started, you can choose what type of seeds you’d like to grow, herbs, greens, flowers or tomatoes. Of course the sky’s the limit, as long as your plants don’t get too high. Grow height is 12 to 24 inches, you move the grow light up as the plants grow. Each garden comes with seeds, fertilizer, lights, and some models even have reminders for adding water and plant food.

I  got my first AeroGarden about 15 years ago, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started. It comes with easy to follow directions, you can’t screw it up!

I love to grow things, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and I always get sad in the fall when I have to pull everything up outside because it’s gone by. Not to mention frost is coming! So when I discovered how easy and cool AeroGarden was, I just had to have one.


AeroGarden Seed Pods

When I bought my first one, there was only one  model, I think. Now you can get all sorts of sizes, with different seed pods. Oh yeah, did I mention the seed pods? Seeds come pre-planted in a little pod. It comes with it’s own grow lights too, so you can put it on any table top anywhere in your house, it doesn’t need a window! The lights are optimized for plant growth.  They’ve thought of everything!

My plants came right up in under a week, and grew rapidly until they were ready to harvest.

Lettuce and  herbs grow fastest, tomatoes probably take the longest, but you can’t get any better than fresh picked tomatoes. It’s worth the wait!

aerogardenIf you love salad, the AeroGarden was made for you. Salad greens grow quickly, they are the perfect size to for this system. You can mix in herbs with your greens and have delicious, healthy meals fresh in no time! And your greens are so easy to clean, no dirt involved!

Maintenance is minimal and the entire unit is easy to keep clean.  Replacement light bulbs and pods are readily available so you will never be without your herbs!

There are many units to choose from.

You can go from very simple, like a two pod table top unit  to the new digital floor unit that grows up to 24 plants and even has Wi-Fi and Amazon Echo!

Try one for yourself, or give it as a gift to someone you love. They’ll thank you for it! Go here to learn more about why this is the easiest and healthiest way to grow herbs and vegetables.

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