Spices and Herbs-Beginnings

Do you love to eat good food?

Of course you do! Eating is probably one of the most enjoyable activities we all have in common from one land to another.

 BeginningsCooking became a passion of mine when my kids were little. It was a challenge to feed five hungry boys on a very strict budget keeping them happy and charged up to do all the things little boys do.


I started with basics, mac and cheese, spaghetti and meat sauce or meat balls, and such. I was making hamburger helper before the actual product came out on the market!  It’s stepping stones like this that you miss in life that makes you look back and wish you’d been the one to market it first! Oh well. Moving forward….

I cook with fresh ingredients. I avoid the inner aisles at the grocery store, and I think the food I cook is as delicious as it is healthy for you. Yes, it is a little more work, but I will also show you how you can pre-prepare many ingredients, sauces and such to make it a little easier during the week to get supper on the table in no time!

Some spices and herbs can be hard to find depending on where you live. I will be sourcing the freshest flavors and giving you the best places to find them. Most of my recipes use spices readily available at your grocery store, but more exotic ones can be purchased on line. I’ll show you whereto find them as we journey on our cooking adventure around the world!

Cooking with spices and herbs adds  flavor to your meals, snacks and drinks. You can transform any meal into a gourmet treat right in your own kitchen. BeginningsMy recipes are good for you and I use minimal processed foods.

Once you become familiar with the flavors you are trying to develop, cooking with spices and herbs will become second nature! when I read a recipe, I don’t always follow it directly, if I don’t have an ingredient, or a spice, I use what I have and make it my own!

As we start our culinary journey together, I will begin with common spices and herbs, and show you easy recipes using minimal ingredients readily available in your grocery store. You won’t believe how easy it is!

I hope you enjoyed my Cooking with Spices and Herbs-Helpful Beginnings. Please  come back often as I will be adding more pages with stories, backgrounds and lots of fun recipes and tips as we journey around the world seeking exciting new recipes. See you soon!

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